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Rumen Dimitrov Balyozov (°Sofia, 06.09.1949) is a Bulgarian composer. He graduated from the National Music Academy Pancho Vladigerov, first as a cellist (1972), and later as a composer (1975). From 1974 he worked as a cellist with the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra. He is one of the founders of the Society for New Music in Bulgaria.

Balyozov is the author of four operas and a ballet, four symphonies and other works for symphony and string orchestra, chamber music for various instruments and ensembles, film, theater and television productions. From the beginning Balyozov was very interested in electronic music. His works are experimental and often seasoned with different compositional techniques that lean towards minimalism, postmodernism and serial music.

In 1997, he wrote Маргарита и Майстор (Margarita and the master), a so-called musical for synthesizer. The music was used in 1999 by the Theatre Studio 4XC in Sofia for a theatre play with the same title.

Румен Бальозов

Румен Бальозов

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