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The Teatr Muzyczny Capitol in Wroclaw, Poland, was extensively renovated in 2013, with the support of the European Union. At the re-opening on September 28, 2013, the premiere of the musical Mistrz i Małgorzata was staged, translated and adapted by director Wojciech Kościelniak, and put to music by composer Piotr Dziubek. The libretto was written by Rafał Dziwisz, who also plays the role of the master in the musical.

The musical was an instant success. The number of performances had to be limited though, due to the fact that some of the key players were also bound by contracts to the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow and the Teatr Polski in Wrocław, so that had different schedules had to be taken into account. Yet, half a year after its premiere, the musical could already welcome 20,000 spectators over 30 performances. If you wanted a ticket, you had to book two months in advance. And even now, every time a new series of performances is announced, the tickets are often sold out within 30 minutes.

The technical capabilities of the new theatre were fully used for this musical, with moving platforms and with chervontsi whirling down from the ceiling during the act of professor Woland. An original dramatic finding is the addition of a new character: a mysterious woman, dressed in black, and played by Justyna Szafran, who assumes the role of narrator, and of which we come to know at the very end of the play that it was Elena Sergeevna, the third wife of Mikhail Bulgakov, who told the story of The Master and Margarita after the funeral of the author.

Below you can listen to some songs from the musical. For the entire CD you can follow the link to the music website Deezer.

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   Gribojedow (Грибоедов)

   Czarna Magia (Черная магия)

   Dom Mody Hella (Дом моды Гэлли)

Технические детали

Pearl Jam - Yield


Mistrz i Małgorzata (CD)


Uwertura (Overture) 1:05
Prolog (Prologue) 1:47
Bujda na Resorach (Parabolic Baloney) 1:25
Rozważania Logiczne (Logical Considerations ) 1:54
Piłat (Pilate) 5:04
Pogoń za Wolandem (The Pursuit of Woland)4:28
Gribojedow (Griboedov) 3:06
Jazzband 1:56
Czarna Magia (Black Magic) 3:59
Dom Mody Hella (Hella's Fashion House) 3:50
Litania (Litany) 4:41
Dobra Rada (Good Advice) 2:58
Krem Asasella (Azazello's Cream) 4:17
Lot Małgorzaty (Margarita's Flight) 3:49
Behemot 3:18
Bal u Wolanda (Bal at Woland's) 1:55
Frieda 2:56
Taniec Zapomnienia (Dance of Oblivion) 2:47
Wydobycie Mistrza (The Extraction of the Master) 6:58
Jeruszalaim (Yershalaim) 2:04
Pożegnanie (Farewell) 6:45


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