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On November 21, 2009, the musical Mistrz i Małgorzata, represented by the Grupa Teatralna Verde premiered in Lodz (Poland).

Grupa Teatralna Verde is a rather young theatre company. It was formed on 31 August 2007, when a Dominican priest in Lodz wanted to put on stage Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare with a group of young people. The show had its premiere just 3 months later, on October 27, 2007. It was a huge success. Two other productions followed: Fall, Hot Summer and My Fair Lady.

Grupa Teatralna Verde started a close collaboration with the Theater V6, also in Lodz, with the mission to help young talents to develop their artistic personality and the technical skills required to realise it, and to offer them opportunities to put it on stage with theater, music, song and dance.

And then it was time for adapting The Master and Margarita. Director Marta Malinowska and screenwriter Boguslaw Krajewska already played with the idea to represent the novel as a musical when they were together in high school. James Krzewiński took care of the music, the choreography was created by Antonina Jakubowska.

The show was not just limited to what was happening on stage - a world plagued by Woland and his retinue sees only a blur line between reality and fiction, and so does the public and the city.

In 2010, Grupa Teatralna Verde had two more representations of Mistrz i Małgorzata to mark the International Women's Day.

I do not know if the company is still very active. The last updates on their website date from December 2010.

Theater V6
74/76 Żeromskiego, 90-525 Lodz

Tickets : +48 (42) 661 88 51, +48 (42) 600 220 666

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Технические детали


Marta Malinowska

James Krzewiński

Antonina Jakubowska

Margarita: Karolina Kasper , Emilia Klimczak, Dominika Kozłowska
The Master: Piotr Płuska, Michał Wieczorek
Woland: Patryk Pawlak, Krzysztof Wawrzyniak, Grzegorz Michalak
Koroviev: Karol Bednarczy

Singers and dancers
Agnieszka Adamczewska, Karol Bednarczyk, Anna Głowacka, Aleksandra Kacpr-zak, Malgorzata Łyczakowska, Piotr Piatkowski, Katarzyna Sowa, Klaudia Wlodarc-zyk

Peter Kolanowski - keyboards
Przemyslaw Kowalski - bass
James Dudek - guitar
Patricia Stepien - viool


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