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Grupa Teatralna Verde from Lodz (Poland) realised the musical Mistrz i Małgorzata based onThe Master and Margarita. Director Marta Malinowska and screenwriter Boguslaw Krajewska already played with the idea to represent the novel as a musical when they were together in high school. James Krzewiński took care of the music, the choreography was created by Antonina Jakubowska.

The show is not just limited to what is happening on stage - a world pla-gued by Woland and his retinue sees only a blur line between reality and fiction, and so does the public and the city.

On March 6 and 7, 2010, there are two more performances to mark the In-ternational Women's Day.

Theater V6
74/76 Żeromskiego, 90-525 Lodz

Tickets : +48 (42) 661 88 51, +48 (42) 600 220 666

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    Tango of Margarita and Azazello

Excerpt from the musical, sung by Karolina Kasper (Margarita) and Patrick Pawlak (Azazello). The musicians are Peter Kolanowski (keyboards), Prze-myslaw Kowalski (bass), James Dudek (guitar) and Patricia Stepien (vio-lin).

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