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The Russian composer of popular tunes Yuri Chernavsky had written the song Margarita for the then-little known singer Sergei Minaev. The lyrics of Alexander Markevich were inspired by Margarita's flight on the broom.

Without waiting for the release of the record of Minaev, Chernavsky proposed to Valery Leontev to make a new version with new arrangements. In 1990 the song was put on Leontev’s record Грешный путь (Gresjny Put) or Path of Sin. Movie director Vadim Korotkov and script writer Yuri Grymov were asked to make the first video clip in the Soviet Union.

Valery Leontev won the television contest Pesnya 89 (The Song of '89) with his version of Margarita. He would reinterpret the song again several times, including a version with the famous Choir of the Russian Army from St. Petersburg. His last idea, in 2009, was to bring it in a duet with French singer Patricia Kaas, who is very popular in Russia.

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