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Флэш моб

In the campaign preceding the premiere of the musical Рукопись Мастера (Rukopis Mastera) or The Manuscript of the Master in Tambov, Igor Tishkin's show-ballet Flash, which was also in charge of the choreography during the performance, organised a so-called flash mob.

A flash mob is a group of people who suddenly come together in a public place, do something unusual and then quickly disappear again. In a case like this, where the purpose of the mob consists of gaining publicity, the term smart mob would rather be used. The concept was introduced by Howard Rheingold in his book Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution.

Технические детали


Dmitri Isaychev
Pyotr Kulikov

The Master - Dmitri Cherbaev
Margarita - Diana Gerasimova
Woland - Dmitri Isaychev
Pontius Pilate - Pyotr Kulikov
Matthew Levi - Eduard Khachyaryan



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