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Botanica is a rock band founded in 1999 in Los Angeles by singer and keyboardist Paul Wallfisch, but which is now operating from New York.

On March 2, 2012, Botanica launched its eighth album with the title What Do You Believe In? At the bottom of the cover is a subtitle: The Master and Margarita, a clear reference to the origin of the album.

In August 2010, Botanica's singer and keyboardist Paul Wallfisch became the musical director of the Schauspielhaus in Dortmund (Germany). In this capacity, he wrote the soundtrack of the play Der Meister und Margarita, which was premiered on March 16, 2012, directed Kay Voges. Wallfisch himself took care of playing the music with his band Botanica, and he also wrote the lyrics for most of the songs. During the performance in Dortmund, Botanica was installed on a platform three meters above the stage, where they played the accompanying music.

The soundtrack was also released separately on CD under the title What Do You Believe In? The thematic unity of the songs gives the album the air of a rock opera. During the recording, the mother of Wallfisch died, which, according to him, has contributed to the melancholy and sometimes dark tonality of the songs.


    Botanica - Judgment (The Master and Margarita)

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Technical details

Botanica - What Do You Believe In?

What Do You Believe In?

Paul Wallfisch - vocals and keyboards
John 'Loudboy' Andrews -  guitar
Jason Binnick -  bass
Brian Viglione - drums

1. Judgement 3:30  
2. Ball in hell 3:19
3. Dog  3:17
4. Manuscripts don't burn 3:41  
5. Everybody lies  4:58
6. Park bench  4:21
7. Money  3:06
8. Kingdom of doubt 5:01  
9. Frictionless skates  3:00
10. Angel  3:41
11. Winter's evening  3:20
12. Past one o'clock 4:05

Rent A Dog
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