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Daniel Johann Heinz Guskau (°1974) - stagename Dani - is a musician from Hannover, Germany. For about 25 years, he makes music, writes songs and played in various bands. His favourites artists are The Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones. The latter made him deciding to read The Master and Margarita.

At the end of 2014, Dani started to record songs in his home studio, and then he met «a witch from Moscow». Like Margarita she was beautiful and intelligent, and married, and she lived in a large, magnificent house. Love struck Dani at once. As lightning strikes, as a Finnish knife strikes! For the readers of The Master and Margarita, this should sound quite familiar.

For Dani it was the moment to write a song which he called Old Love - an Ode to Master and Margarita.

And to connect Dani's story even more to the novel: since 2008, Dani resides in a psychiatric hospital. Not as a patient, though - he works there.


    Dani - Old Love - An Ode to Master and Margarita



Technical details


Dani and the ABC's
Old Love - An Ode to Master and Margarita
Not yet released


Anna Cathrin Arndt - Vocals
Simon Becker - Organ and piano
Ralf Claussen - Drums
Daniel Johann Heinz Guskau (Dani) - All the rest


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