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After-Death Plan is predominately Lesley Ann Fogle and her husband Constantine Hondroulis.

Lesley Ann studied vocal performance at the University of Toledo and the Ohio State University in the early 90s. Wanting to fully understand sound, she went on to learn the technical side of audio engineering. After a decade in Chicago, working as an audio engineer on jingles, post-production commercials, and audio texts, she found herself frequently on the other side of the microphone. Her voice has been heard on over a hundred audiotexts, industrials, film, and national commercials.

Upon returning to Columbus, Ohio, Lesley Ann took on narrating long-format audiobooks. When not narrating audiobooks or field mixing at a film shoot, she writes music with her husband under the name The After-Death Plan.

The duo began recording together in Chicago in the 90s as part of the musical conglomerate Mal Vu, a rotating cast of musicians weaving tales of darkness and whimsy. The After-Death Plan’s current endeavour highlights music and lyrics inspired by classic literature.

In June 2015, After-Death Plan released Master & Margarita, a song based on our favourite novel.

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    After-Death Plan - Master & Margarita (excerpt)

After-Death Plan

After-Death Plan

Technical details

After-Death Plan

After-Death Plan
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Lesley Ann Fogle - lyrics, vocal, recording engineer, mix engineer
Constantine Hondroulis - bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, backup vocals


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