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The pop-rock band Greenapple from Rome was founded in late 1994 by Mauro Buono and Riccardo Pulcini, who knew each other from middle school. Initially, they were heavily influenced by rap music.

Gradually, and especially after guitarist Sergio Di Mico joined the band, they evolved to more melodic music, strongly influenced by the blues. In the summer of 2005 they could record a demo, but it naver came to a CD.

Greenapple often split and went through several personnel changes, which obviously did not tend tro promote the stability of the group, so they played their last concert in December 2008. Riccardo Pulcini and Carlo Tacconelli now play in another band, whichis called Déjà Vu.

In their beginning period Greenapple usually opened their concerts with the song Il maestro e Margherita.

Technical details


Riccardo Pulcini - vocals and guitar
Carlo Tacconelli - vocals and keyboard
Mauro Buono - bass
Saul Greco - drums
Paolo Salvati - guitar


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