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- Pearl Jam

Talk of circles and punching out
Looking in drawing circles down
Falling up the south marking ground
Talking out of turn drawing circles down

Like Pilate I have a dog {3X}
{Obeys listens kisses loves}

Walks me out of town
Still one's a crowd
Making angels in the dirt
Looking up looking all around

Like Pilate I have a dog {2X}
{Obeys listens kisses loves}

Stunned by my own reflection
It's looking back, sees me too clearly
And I swore I'd never go there again
Not unlike a friend that politely drags you down, you down, you down

Like Pilate, I have a dog {4X}
{Obeys, listens, kisses, loves}


   Pearl Jam - Pilate

Technical details

Pearl Jam - Yield

Yield - 1998 (CD)

Jeff Ament - bass
Stone Gossard - guitar
Jack Irons - drums
Mike McCready - guitar
Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar

EPIC, 1998


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