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Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand is a Scottish rock band formed in 2002, and based in Glasgow. The band has been nominated for several Grammy Awards.

The song Love and Destroy, written by Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy got an exciting chorus «Margarita - Love and Destroy» and was released in 2004 as the b-side of the single Michael. It is based on the well known scene from The Master and Margarita in which Margarita flies over Moscow on her way to the witches' sabbath and Woland's gala, and refers to the havoc she wreaks in the apartment of the critic Latunsky in chapter 21.

Love and Destroy was never released on a studio album of the band, but it has been added as a bonus track on a deluxe edition of the album Right Notes, Right Words, Wrong Order from 2013.

On the website of Franz Ferdinand is explained what the song means to Alex Kapranos, frontman of the band:

«This track, one of Franz Ferdinand's early creations, is based on the novel 'The Master And Margarita' by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Unlike many novels that explore the conflict between Jesus and Pontius Pilate and quickly become theological essays, Bulgakov introduces the Jesus-Pilate conflict and supporting events within a story set in the modern day Russia, complete with witches, sorcery, Satan's ball, and accurate portraits of somewhat complex, contradictory, and sometimes despicable Russian characters bred under absurd communist notions of utopian society.

A dream was turned into reality for Alex when Franz Ferdinand played the song in Russia in May 2005. Early versions of the song are referred to as 'Margarita'.»

De Kift

In 2009, the Dutch band De Kift recorded a cover of this song on a so-called splitsingle. They coveed a song by Franz Ferdinand, while Franz Ferdinand covered a song by De Kift in return. That's how Love and Destroy has been adapted to Liefde en Puin.

De Kift adapted the song as part of a theatre adaptation of The Master and Margarita by the Frisian theater company Tryater. This adaptation was the opening play and one of the main attractions at the Oerol 2010 Theatre Festival, which was organised from June 12 to 21, 2010 on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands.

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Технические детали

Franz Ferdinand - Love And Destroy

Michael (single CD)

Alexander Kapranos (lead vocals, guitar)
Robert Hardy (bass guitar)
Nicholas McCarthy (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals)
Paul Thomson (drums, backing vocals)

Domino, 2004

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