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The Russian band Apriori was formed in the autumn of 2004 in the city of Yekaterinburg, when some young musicians gathered to jam without any idea of ​​the direction they wanted to follow. Before, the individual musicians had had some experience in making songs. Guitarist Yuri Kopylets and bass player Nikolay Ladygin had played together in the music project TSD, while singer Yekaterina Vishnyakova and drummer Daniel Kostromin had been making music together in the band Citramon.

In February 2005 they got the opportunity to make a first demo and they recorded three songs: Looking For, Break The Line and Flying Away.It wasn't very successful, but the band persevered anyway, and one month later they could play their first concert.

For two years the band was a quartet, but in the autumn of 2006 guitarist Anton Podrezov joined the group. A second demo was released under the title Пока еще (Poka yeshcho) or Even more. Apriori performs regularly in various rock clubs in the Urals, and won several local rock festivals.

Despite the fact that Apriori never made ​​an album, many of their songs can be downloaded from the internet in mp3 format. One of these songs is Master i Margarita, inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's masterpiece.


    Априори - Мастер и Маргарита

Технические детали


Yekaterina Vishnyakova - vocals
Yuri Kopylets - guitar
Anton Podrezov - guitar
Nikolay Ladygin - bass
Daniel Kostromin - drums



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