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The Artems is a seven-piece band from Århus, Denmark, which describes itself as a multicultural dance orchestra that combines different musical styles, from Chinese opera to Russian "power polka"

The multicultural aspect is characterized by Artem Alexeev, the Russian frontman, and Lai San, the Sino-Austrian frontlady of the band. The Artems are particularly noted for their dazzling live performances, at which they are decked out in silly costumes bringing a non-stop cocktail of Russian folk music, reggae, ska, rock, and yes, polka, with here and there a jazzy piano solo or a short aria. The main achievement in their career so far is undoubtedly a series of concerts they played in Germany and Russia as the supporting act for the successful Russian rock band Leningrad.

In Denmark, The Artems have already been twice awarded as the best live act by the music magazine Gaffa.

In 2003, the band released its first album, There Goes My Brain. In 2005 it followed by a second album entitled God's Favourites. One of the songs on this album is Master and Margarita, at first sight a simple unplugged Brechtian waltz on which the voices of Alexeev and San carry you on in a compelling way.


    The Artems - Master and Margarita


The Artems

Технические детали

God's Favourites (2005)

Artem Alexeev - Vocals
Lai San - Vocals
Joakim Øster - Bass
Josef Baumgartner - Harmonika, Key, Vocals
Jakob Baumgartner - Bouzuki, Guitar, Vocals
Harpöth - Percussion, Vocals
Eddi Jarl - Drums


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