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Here's the text of a TV-interview with Jeff Martin, frontman of The Tea Party, about why he wrote the song The Master and Margarita:

"Communism didn't work. What it did was take away the rights of the individual and artistic expression and freedom of choice, and freedom of religion, and all these things that should be the right of any soul. So the only way that these artists -- whether they were authors, painters, sculptors or musicians - could criticize the regime that was in place was to use parables, hide their meanings and hopefully someone would get it in an underground sense. So Bulgakov wrote a book called The Master & the Margarita . It's a very funny book. Some Russian friends of mine in Montreal did one of the first theatrical productions of the book. It's about Satan himself, who manifests in Moscow in 1926 as the angel of light and he basically teaches all the Muscovites (the joie de vivre), how to enjoy life to the fullest, and in doing so brings down the suppressive government and everything goes back to normal in a very unusal sort of way. That's the philosophical tenet of what I'm trying to say in this song. And in this song, I get to play the devil which is something I do quite well."


    The Tea Party - The Master and Margarita

Технические детали

The Tea Party - The Interzone Mantras

The Interzone Mantras (Dubbel CD)

Jeff Martin (guitar, sitar)
Stuart Chatwood (bass, keyboards, mandoline and harmonium)
Jeff Burrows (drums and percussion)

EMI, 2001


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