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The name Persephone’s Bees comes from the poem Возьми на радость из моих ладоней (Vozmi na radost iz moikh ladoney) or Take the joy from my hands by the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam.

The name of the band immediately reveals the Russian roots of the singer, keyboard player and songwriter Angelina Moysov. Moysov comes from Pyatigorsk in the North Caucasus, but as a child she moved to Oakland, California. In 1993 she met guitarist Tom Ayres, with whom she founded the band Persephone's Bees in 1999. The other members were bass player Bart Davenport and drummer Paul Bertolino.

Their first self produced LP City of Love from 2001 was nominated as best debut album at the California Music Awards. In 2005, the title track was included in the soundtrack of the movie Bewitched. It gave them the opportunity to record their first full CD Notes from the Underworld with the record company Columbia Records in 2006. Several tracks from this CD were used in TV series like The Sopranos and Weeds, and in films, video games and commercials .

In 2010 the band decided to move to New York where they recorded a cover of First We Take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen on single. And they also announced that they would post a new song on the Internet every 6 weeks and continue to do so until they have enough material for releasing their new album New In Berlin. A pre-selection of four songs has been released on an EP meanwhile.

Not included in that pre-selection, but also planned for the new album, is the song Master And Margarita, of which we can only show a live version for the time being.

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    Пчелы Персефоны - Мастер и Маргарита

Технические детали

New in Berlin
Not yet released

Angelina Moysov - vocals and keyboards
Tom Ayres - guitar
Bart Davenport - bass
Paul Bertolino - drums

Not yet known

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