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Stormy Atmosphere is an Israeli band, founded as a school rock-band in 1999 by Edi Krakov (keyboards, composing) and Teddy Shvets (vocals, lyrics). In 2001, the band started to play music which they describe as Progressive Art Metal, a blend of rock, metal, classical music, electronics and more.

In 2006, the band started recording their first album, Colorblind, which was released in 2009. In 2012, they made it to the finals of the Israeli Metal Battle contest.

In December 2014, Stormy Atmosphere went on tour across Slovakia and Poland, and in April 2015, the band was invited to Georgia, to perform at the Tbilisi Jam!Fest 2015. In May 2015, the band signed up with Metal Scrap Records and released its second album Pent Letters on September 14, 2015. As a part of a promotion of the new album, they toured across Ukraine. One of the songs on this album, The Mennipeah, was inspired by The Master and Margarita.


    Stormy Atmosphere - The Menippeah

Stormy Atmosphere

Stormy Atmosphere

Технические детали


Pent Letters


Dina Shulman - vocals
Teddy Shvets - vocals
Eduard Krakov - keyboards
Max Man - bass
Stas Sergienko - guitars
Shaked Furman - drums


Metal Scrap Records


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