Stormy Atmosphere - The Menippeah

Stormy Atmosphere is an Israeli band, founded as a school rock-band in 1999 by Edi Krakov (keyboards, composing) and Teddy Shvets (vocals, lyrics). In 2001, the band started to play music which they describe as Progressive Art Metal, a blend of rock, metal, classical music, electronics and more.

In 2006, the band started recording their first album, Colorblind, which was released in 2009. In 2012, they made it to the finals of the Israeli Metal Battle contest.

In December 2014, Stormy Atmosphere went on tour across Slovakia and Poland, and in April 2015, the band was invited to Georgia, to perform at the Tbilisi Jam!Fest 2015. In May 2015, the band signed up with Metal Scrap Records and released its second album Pent Letters on September 14, 2015. As a part of a promotion of the new album, they toured across Ukraine. One of the songs on this album, The Mennipeah, was inspired by The Master and Margarita.


They haven’t changed, they haven’t learned
However, manuscripts don’t burn
Eventually, believers will discern

Mysterious to ignorant
And heads fell off, as he had planned
Sarcastic, overwhelming, avid trends
Tonight we’ll dance in nuttiness
Erupted fountains of champagne
Revolving ball of deuced and restless fames

Another kiss beneath your knee
Neurotic laughter, psychic glee
Dimensions, times and distances – unframed

My intention was your salvation
And you'd follow, if I could lead you
Rocks and crosses heard my frustration
Give me your rain and I rise
As he watches his endless sunset
Rome, Jerusalem, prayers and idols
I let your minds soar for my answers
Take all my faith colorized
Ah, they have murdered their own belief!

Now, where are you, KGB?!
Overcome his behemoths
Victimized by witchery
End up dancing to fagot's sound
Look for evidence never found

My little princess for a night -
I never stood for what was right
Kings fell for principles
However, I'd survive
Another spiral of their fate
Inevitable, shattered gate
Light with no darkness is a nonsense, I'm afraid

Believe in what you please to
Unlock the faith within you
Love anything and anyone you doubt
Give up your ignorance and pride for just one word
And all the things were spoken
Kept written as a token
One man, two contraries, decapitated crowd
Victorious in crucifixion for one world

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