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The Gothic music band Yorick is very frugal with information about them-selves. On the website of Starfish Music, where their first CD was released, the band was removed from the list of artists. In one of the few published interviews frontman and pianist Uta Kipiani says that Yorick is a Georgian band, founded in 2003, which could, immediately after that, record its first CD.

The name Yorick is derived from Shakespeare, It's the court jester whose skull is exhumed in Hamlet. The title of the first CD, The Rest is Silence, is also a quote from Hamlet. Yorick is influenced by the music of late romanticism and Russian romances. Not only textually but also at the level of atmosphere, the band leans heavily on writers like Sartre and Camus.

In 2006, Yorick put singer Thea Titvinidze aside. The jazz vocalist Tatia, known from the jazz circuit in Manhattan, New York, took her place and the band went back to the studio to record the CD Plebeian Reign. This CD contains eight songs, all of which were inspired by Russian literature. The first song is The Demon, inspired by Mikhail Lermontov, the second is Anna Karenina, the famous heroine of Lev Tolstoy.

All other songs are inspired by The Master and Margarita and especially, except for Enter the Hero, by the second part of the novel.


    Listen to 'Enters the Hero'

    Listen to 'Margarita'

    Listen to 'Flight'

    Listen to 'Satan's Ball!'

    Listen to 'The liberation of the Master'

    Listen to 'Time to go! Time to go!'

Технические детали

Йорик - Плебейан Рейгн

Plebeian Reign (2006)

Kakha Abramishvili - horn, bass
Uta Kipiani - keyboards, backing vocals
Tatia - vocals
Sophie Gibladze - piano
Serge Shengelia - guitar
Lev Asatiani - drums

Enter the Hero
Satan’s Grand Ball
The Liberation of the Master
Time to go! Time to go!

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