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The American rock singer and poet Patti Smith (°Chicago, 12/30/1946) has something to do with literature. Smith became renowned in 1975 with her first album Horses, which she recorded under the care of John Cale. Her biggest hit was undoubtedly Because The Night from 1978, a song which Bruce Springsteen had written for her.

Already from the beginning of her career, Smith proclaims her love for literature, and more specifically for the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. But she's also much impressed by The Master and Margarita.

Elsewhere on this website you can listen to the interview she had on March 11, 2010 with Michael Silver, host of Bookworm, a nationally broadcast radio show about books and literature provided by the public radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, California. In this interview, Smith explains how The Master and Margarita made her go to Moscow.

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On April 1, 2012, Patti Smith was the guest in the TV program CBS Sunday Morning. In an interview with host Anthony Mason, she announced that her new album Banga will be released on June 5, 2012. The title of the CD was inspired by Pontius Pilate's dog in The Master and Margarita.


Patti Smith and guitar player Lanny Kaye perform an unplugged version of Banga.

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Patti Smith reveals the title of her new CD and tells the audience why they should read The Master and Margarita.

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Технические детали

Patti Smith - Banga


Patti Smith -  vocals and guitar
Lenny Kaye -  guitar
Tony Shanahan - bass and keyboards
Jay Dee Daugherty -  drums
Tom Verlaine - vocals and guitar

1. Amerigo
2. Fuji-san
3. April Fool
4. This Is The Girl
5. Banga
6. Maria
7. Tarkovsky (The Second Stop is Jupiter)
8. Mosaic
9. Nine
10. Seneca
11. Constantine's Dream
12. After the Gold Rush

Sony Music Entertainment

June 5, 2012


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