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Mercury Heart is a garage rock band from London, United Kingdom. The band’s members are Simon Hardeman on guitar and vocals, Mai Goya Nguyen on bass, and Craig Stronach on drums.

Simon Hardeman was a stand-up comedian and comedy performer for many years. He wrote comedy for many shows on radio and TV, and a play, Death of a Comedian. Furthermore, he’s a journalist for The Independent and several niche magazines, and a lecturer on journalism at the University of Greenwich.

As a singer-songwriter, Hardeman released his debut solo album, Tell the Truth, in 2009.

In 2012, Hardeman created the band Mercury Heart together with Mai Goya Nguyen and Craig Stronach. Their first performance was on November 30 in The Water Rats in London. Since then they are playing regularly in the London club circuit.

In March 2013, the band recorded the song Master and Margarita. For the accompanying video, they used images of the French illusionist and filmmaker Georges Méliès (1861-1938), a contemporary of Mikhail Bulgakov.


   Меркури Харт - Мастер и Маргарита

Меркури Харт

Mercury Heart

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Simon Hardeman - guitar, vocals
Mai Goya Nguyen - bass
Craig Stronach - drums


Inshore Madman

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