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The name Andem is short for Angels and Demons. Andem is a Russian power metal band from Moscow, singing in Russian and English. The band was created in 2006, when guitar player and en band leader Sergey Polunin from the band Colosseum gathered some musicians who believed in his talent as a composer.

Although most members of the group had no concert experience, the band quickly became a household name in the metal scene in Moscow. Their most striking feature was the female vocals.

In 2009, Andem released the CD Дочь лунного света (Doch lunnovo sveta) or Daughter in the Moonlight. They had quite difficult negotiations with the Dutch label Apollon Records on the language to be used for a European release (Russian or English), but finally the album got released in 2010.

On this CD we can listen to the song Master i Margarita. For the recording of it, Andem got vocal assistance fromr Ilya Aleksandrov from the band Fear Factor. Unfortunately, the latter would not survive the recording for a long time: he died of a heart attack in 2010.

Технические детали


Дочь лунного света (2009)

Juliana Savchenko - vocals
Ilya Aleksandrov - vocals
Sergey Polunin - guitar
Evgeny Yakovlev - bass and screaming
Natalia Ryzhko - keyboards
Daniel Yakovlev - drums

Irond (Russia)
Apollon Records (Europe)

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