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The CD Yield of the Seattle rock band Pearl Jam was released in 1998 and is inspired by the novel Ishmael of the American writer Daniel Quinn, but the track Pilate is based on the confrontation between Pontius Pilate and Yeshua Ha-Notsri as it was described by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Bassist Jeff Ament wrote the song after he heard the story of how Pilate sat on a hill with his dog when Yeshua died on the cross, wishing he could have completed his last conversation with him. Pilate in the novel has a dog, Banga, which "obeys, listens, kisses and loves”. Just as in the chorus of the song: "Like Pilate, I have a dog - obeys, listens, kisses, loves".

The video you see here was performed at the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia on October 31, 2009, on the night of Halloween. It was the first time the group included the song Pilate in their playlist. Frontman Eddie Vedder announced it with the words: "We're gonna play a song we never played before. And we'll never play it again. And certainly not in this building." With regard to the latter he was right: after the Pearl Jam concert the Wachovia Spectrum was closed for good. It will be demolished an replaced by a new hotel in the Philly Live! complex.

Технические детали

Pearl Jam - Yield

Yield (CD)

Jeff Ament - bass
Stone Gossard - guitar
Jack Irons - drums
Mike McCready - guitar
Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar

EPIC, 1998


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